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Radiator Repair & Service in Pequannock, NJ

The radiator in your car is part of the cooling system, which is vital to the overall operation and health of your engine. Altogether, the cooling system helps regulate your engine’s temperature and ensures that it keeps control of the heat generated. When the cooling system fails, your car’s engine can quickly overheat. Here at Bock Automotive, you can count on us when you find yourself needing radiator repair in Pequannock, NJ.

At our radiator repair shop, we offer a variety of services including radiator flush and radiator leak repair. As the cooling system is working, it circulates coolants throughout radiator hoses, and the radiator itself will transfer heat from hot coolant, thus cooling it down. A common problem with the radiator is a leak, which can happen when damage occurs to a radiator hose. Over time, coolant can also become dirty and contaminated, which is when a radiator flush is recommended. This service will flush out the system, remove dirty coolant, and refresh the system with new fluid.

If you’re experiencing engine overheating or suspect you have a radiator leak, we invite you into Bock Automotive for a thorough inspection. To understand the issue at hand, we typically perform tests that mimic your engine heating up, that way we can pinpoint exactly where the issue is. Getting a radiator problem repaired quickly is crucial because it will save you time and money on repairs. Ignoring an issue can lead to engine overheating, corrosion, and damage.

When you need radiator repair in Pequannock, NJ, bring your car to our experts here at Bock Automotive. Call us with any questions you may have, or schedule a visit with us online today!

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