When Should You Replace Your Brake Pads?

Your automobile’s braking system is crucial to your safety. As a driver, you have the ultimate responsibility to ensure your brakes are healthy enough to reduce your speed or stop on time. Without proper maintenance, you could put yourself and others in danger. 


A brake component that requires frequent checks and replacement is brake pads. We recommend to all drivers to always inspect the condition of their vehicles. You can check your brake pads' thickness. If it is less than ¼ inches, it is time to change them out. Besides their remaining wear, you can tell when you need your brake pads changed by keeping an eye on the following signs:

Grinding Sounds

Brake pads have wear indicators that make a loud sound when you push down on your worn brakes. Think of it as an audible cue to replace your brake pads. If you ignore the sound for too long, you may require additional service.

Vibration When Braking

If your brake pads wear unevenly, you may feel vibrations. To mitigate poor brake performance, please take your car to our auto repair shop for brake service soon.

Longer Braking Time

Your brakes need to be incredibly responsive to protect you when you need to brake abruptly. If you experience overall poor brake performance, take it as a sign to check your brake pads. You may be due for a replacement. 

Indicator Light Turns On

Brakes have become more technology-driven. Some braking systems nowadays have sensors that can trigger a warning when your brakes have worn down. Once you see the warning light, you should visit your trusted repair shop for a replacement. 

Brake Pad Replacement in Pequannock, NJ

At Bock Automotive, we can keep your braking system in good condition at all times. Our technicians care about your safety. If you need brake pad replacement soon, we welcome you to give us a call or visit today.

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