What The Color of Your Car Says About Your Personality

It doesn't matter whether you are an automobile fanatic or just the average person looking for a vehicle to drive; there is one important choice you have to make that is very personal — the color. The color choice reflects your inner personality and how you see yourself. Let's take analyze the characteristics of each of the colors below and see if your car color says anything about you:


If you have a silver vehicle, you're practical, innovative, tech-savvy, and elegant. The color silver hides dirt and scratches quite well and is a sensible choice.


Gray doesn't ask for attention as much as silver. You project dignity, tradition, and maturity. You also like to live life in the present and prefer routines.


When we think of dress ourselves in black, we often think of black-tie and cocktail clothes. Black is a color of luxury, sophistication, and power.

You are striking without being flashy, and you want to give the appearance of mystery and depth.


White is very clean, pure, and fresh. If you operate a white car, people think you are sincere and transparent. You may be open but can be reserved or shy. Lastly, you certainly appreciate simplicity yet enjoy modern living. 

Brown/Beige/Golden Champagne

If your vehicle is brown or beige or in that color family, you are very down-to-earth, economical, and honest. You favor a car that will run well and last you a long time.


Red is often a color chosen by those people who are outgoing, aggressive, fun, and impulsive. If your car is this color, you're most likely extroverted and determined to get all you can out of life. You're a confident person who is often the life of the party.


You are caring, optimistic, stable, honest, and serene if you own a blue automobile. You like to be seen for someone to have a strong sense of self and balance.


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