What is an Oil Pan Gasket?

An oil pan gasket is precisely what bolts and seals your oil pan into place. It is the very item that works with your oil pan to ensure that most motor oil can be retained into your engine to keep every part lubricated and running smoothly.

The task of any gasket is to cushion and seal, and an oil pan gasket does just that. It prevents your engine's oil from spilling out onto other parts, such as the engine block. An oil pan gasket must be compatible with the oil pan in a way that keeps the supply safe. For example, an aluminum pan matches well with a gasket that is made of pure silicone, while steel pressed pan benefits very well with a gasket comprised of rubber that is formed and strong enough to support that type of metal.

However, an oil pan gasket can wear out over time, causing problems with the pan and the oil. If anything, there are many signs that point to the idea that there could be something awry with the oil pan gasket. One such issue that crops up is the fact that your oil pan gasket, which is typically made up of rubber, will get dry and form tiny little cracks where the oil can leak through undetected. You may experience a minor leak without much notice. You might not even detect it until you start to notice a drop in your oil levels. You may find yourself needing more top-offs between oil changes. Getting it inspected is a good way to catch the problem early on.

Anytime your engine starts to overheat, you may be dealing with an oil leak. Since the oil works alongside the coolant to help keep the engine's temperature in check, it pays to have an inspection done to locate the source of the leak. Its origin may be in a faulty or worn gasket. Other problems, such as oil puddles or black smoke both signal a fault with your oil pan gasket.

If you notice these issues and need oil pan gasket repair, just bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!

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