What Is An Oil Filter & When Should I Get It Changed?

We're all aware of our regular oil change, but did you know that your vehicle also needs an oil filter change to go with it? As your engine runs day to day, contaminants can escape into your engine oil. Luckily, motor oil contains surfactants that move most of the debris and gunk through the oil filter. The oil filter does not last forever and will clog up over time — so much so that not enough oil can get through to the engine. We doubt you'd want dirty oil or an insufficient amount inside your vehicle. Otherwise, you'd be facing some serious engine damage.


Most vehicles today typically have an extended oil change interval. Newer cars can sometimes go up to 5k to 15k miles before needing an oil change due to the improvements of synthetic and synthetic blend motor oils. When getting an oil change, you should always refer to your owner's manual for guidance. The manual will include details such as what type of oil and what grade of oil is best suited for your vehicle. You should always match the manufacturer's recommendations. If you utilize synthetic oils, you will most likely need to pair them with a longer-lasting oil filter.


A standard volume oil filter, made for conventional motor oil, can last many months and several thousand miles before the change interval. Now, many drivers switch to synthetic motor oil for stronger engine protection and longevity. If you choose to change to a different type of oil, remember that you need an oil filter with a higher capacity to go with the new oil.


We recommend that you consult with your trusted mechanic at Bock Automotive before making any critical decisions, such as switching to different oil. Our expert team can help you with your oil change and ensure that your oil filter is matched to the type of oil you have. If your vehicle is needed for an oil change soon, please give us a call or visit today!

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