Post-Summer Battery Maintenance

Batteries are susceptible to extreme temperatures, especially to heat. Now that summer is over. You should probably do some tests and check up on the powerhouse. Proper battery maintenance is imperative for two reasons:

  1. Your car won't start or run without it. 
  2. It is the key to extending the life of your car's electrical system. 

If your car battery isn't up to par, your alternator has to overwork itself to make up for it. In other words, if your battery isn't healthy, the other electrical components can sustain damage as well. 


As mentioned before, temperatures will influence the battery's overall performance, which is why we highly urge you to inspect your battery routinely. The falltime and springtime are the best seasons to do it, considering they follow the cold winter and hot summer in Pequannock, NJ. Next time you're searching under the hood, remember to take a look at your battery. Here are some aspects to check for concerning your battery:

  • Look at the cleanliness of the battery. A dirty battery will drain easier.
  • Please check if there are any signs of corrosion at the terminals. Corrosive material can intervene with the electrical flow to and from the battery.
  • Ensure that all cables are tucked tightly away. 
  • Check for corrosion on the cables.

At Bock Automotive, our team of certified techs would be happy to inspect and test your battery at your convenience. If the battery test reveals that restoring the battery or cables is needed, you can get it done at our shop. 


Your battery will also last longer if you give it more attention. Furthermore, taking preventive measures, like parking in the shade or refraining from taking too short of trips, can help prolong your battery life. It's ultimately up to you - Do you want to keep your vehicle running in Pequannock, NJ? If so, please start caring for your battery now. For a battery check-up, please give us a call or visit Bock Automotive soon.

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