What Happens If A Car Is Not Driven For a Long Time?

Most of us use our cars every day, or at least weekly. But life happens - and you might find yourself not using your vehicle for long periods. Maybe you are on your long holidays, or perhaps you have started working from home. Whichever the case, this means that your car will be sitting in your garage most of the time. You might think that your ride is safe and sound, and you are going to find it in the same condition you left it in. Unfortunately, parking your car for a long time comes with its fair share of disadvantages and might still cause some minor issues. Here are some of the things that might happen when you do not drive your car for long

Tires will Deflate or Develop a Flat Spot

Your vehicle is heavy. When you leave it stationary for extended periods, that weight will rest on that part of the tire in contact with the ground. The tires would deflate more quickly than they would if you were using it every other day. If you leave your car sitting for months, the tires will start developing flat spots as the vehicle's super weight rests on the same spots at all times. Eventually, these spots will become flatter, causing rough, bumpy, and uncomfortable rides.

Reduces Battery Life

This might not be your first thought, but your car battery discharges when it remains unused for long. Expect that you might experience some trouble the next time you try to start your car, so be ready to jump-start it or replace your battery.

Fuel and Other Fuels Will Deteriorate

Your car fuel will most probably go bad in about 30 days, reducing inefficiency. As a rule of thumb, you must maintain your engine fuel tank at least a quarter full. As the fuel level goes down, your engine becomes more susceptible to corrosion resulting from moisture accumulation. Ultimately, this will transform into severe engine damages, calling for costly repairs.

Neglecting your car for long periods, even for understandable reasons, can take a significant toll on its health and performance. If you need quality car service or repair, visit our auto repair shop today for quality, reliable and affordable services.

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