How Do I Know If I Need Power Steering Service?

Most drivers know when it's time to get their oil changed, but they are left with uncertainty regarding their power steering fluid. Swapping out the power steering fluid is essential to preserving the health of a vehicle. It doesn't burn off with time like motor oil does, but it can get very filthy. With usage, pollutants and contaminants accumulate and build up in the reservoir. When the power steering fluid becomes corrupted, it immediately puts extra pressure and strain on the steering wheel. In severe cases, significant damage can occur to your steering system.

Here are several ways to determine whether you need power steering service on your vehicle:

Check Your Vehicle's Owner's Manual

Don't disregard your vehicle's owner manual, as it offers extensive information. Check the manual for advice on when to replace your power steering fluid and the best liquid to use for your vehicle. 

Inspect the Power Steering Fluid

After running your car for a couple of minutes, take a moment to examine the power steering fluid. The power steering fluid is usually bright-colored, usually red. If you pull out the stick and notice the liquid is dark or has a charred smell, it may no longer be sufficient. Don't forget to look at the inside of the tank for contaminants. If there are particles, this is a good sign that it's time for a replacement. 

Listen for Unusual Sounds

If your power steering fluid is compromised, it can give off audible signs that it's time for a change. If you hear any unusual sounds and rumbles from the fluid pump, please take your car to a mechanic for further instruction. 

You Experience Difficulty Steering

An unusually stiff steering wheel can indicate the power steering fluid is too low and needs to be refilled or flushed. It is essential to have this fixed promptly as it could impair your ability to control your car on the road. 

Power Steering Service in Pequannock, NJ

Problems with steering can lead to hazardous situations. Your steering wheel could end up utterly unresponsive if issues are left ignored. If you require a power steering inspection, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team at Bock Automotive. 

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