Car Problems to Consider Before Heading into the Cold Weather

November is here, and that means winter is right around the corner. With the cool and cold air coming through New Jersey, we should do our best to keep our vehicles in the best shape. After all, it has to get us through the ice, rain, or snow that we may see in the upcoming months.

Our cars, SUVs, and trucks work harder during the winter months to keep us comfortable and safe. And oftentimes, this can lead to car problems. Today, we will go over the top 5 areas of your vehicle that require the most attention during this time of year. 

#1: Battery

There’s no doubt that car batteries die more often in the winter than any time of the year. Usually, this is because they’ve had a rough summer. When the cold weather is introduced, the battery would have already been too weak and the chemicals would slow down. Therefore, weak and dead batteries are a common problem drivers deal with in the winter. We can test your battery at our shop and let you know if it can still hold a proper charge.

#2: Tires

Tires are important year-round, but they are especially important if it snows or rains often in your area. First and foremost, you should monitor their tire pressure. Your tires also need to have remaining tread to gain proper traction. If you require your vehicle, even in tough weather, we recommend installing winter tires for safety measures.

#3: Engine 

Now is the best time to get an oil change if you haven’t already. It will ensure your engine parts are properly lubricated and friction is minimized. 

#4: Brakes

Skidding is a common problem that brake users experience on slippery roads. If your ABS light is on, you should have your brakes taken care of to prevent an unexpected accident. Make sure you have a professional tech check and service your brake pads, rotors, fluid, and more.

#5: Heater

Car rides aren’t comfortable without the heater in the winter. If you don’t want to shiver every time you step into the car, we recommend testing it out now to figure out if anything is wrong with the heating system. Plus, the defrosters will need to be able to work to keep your car windshield and windows from constantly fogging up.

We hope you consider the maintenance items mentioned above to keep you and your family safe on the roads this winter. If you need assistance with your automotive needs, please call or visit the experts at Bock Automotive.

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