5 Items You Should Never Leave in Your Car This Winter

With winter in full swing in Pequannock, NJ, there are certain things you should avoid storing in your car. Not only can the hold make it more dangerous to drive, hurt your car components, but it can also ruin the things you store inside it. Here are 5 things to avoid leaving in your freezing car:

Smartphones, Laptops, and Anything with a Battery

As you may know, the cold can weaken your car battery. What makes your phone, laptop, and other electronics any different? As temperatures drop, the batteries in these devices can drain a lot faster. And the freezing temperature can completely kill it if you leave it out there long enough. 

Prescription Medications

It would be best if you never left any of your medicine inside your car as it can weaken its effects or alter the chemicals within it altogether. Instead, we advise that you store it in a safe container in a bag or bookbag.

Musical Instruments

Instruments like violins, guitars, cello, and other wooden instruments are susceptible to shrink or expand in cold temperatures. If you want to continue to strum on, please bring them inside.


The frigid temperatures can make your eyewear brittle. Additionally, the lenses can expand and contract. If you want to leave them in your car, try storing them in a protective case.

Food and Drinks

You may justify leaving food and drinks in the cold because it'll be the same as storing it in the refrigerator or freezer, right? Not exactly. The dramatic drop in temperature can cause certain items, like canned food and soda bottles, to freeze and expand. This can lead to leaks, spills, and even an explosive mess. 


We hope some of these tips help you make the right decision this winter. For all your auto services, we welcome you to bring your car to the automotive experts at Bock Automotive. 

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