4 Things You Should Know About Your Tires

Your tires are a fundamental feature of your car, which is why it is so critical to have consistent maintenance on them. From tire pressure, tread wear to rotations, you have to do it all. Here are four crucial things that you should acknowledge when it comes to your wheels.


Just because your car has a built-in Tire-Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) does not mean you shouldn't manually measure your tire pressure. A tire-pressure monitoring tracks and shows your tire pressure using sensors. Once they run low on pressure, your dashboard will display a warning symbol to let you know that your tires need attention. The reality is that the warning signal is only triggered when tires lose at least 25 percent of their inflation pressure. A loss in 1/4 of your tire pressure is considered hazardous, and you should avoid letting it get that low. We highly advise that you always have a physical pressure gauge with you to measure your pressure accurately. Though it may be traditional, it is the most reliable way to check. You should be checking your tire pressure at least once a month or every time you fill up your gas tank.


Rotate your tires by intervals, NOT just once a year. Most people think that if you rotate your tires once a year, you are set. However, you need to rotate your tires every 5,000 - 8,000 miles - not once a year. Most people tend to schedule their oil change and rotate their tires at the appointment for convenience.


You can replace a single tire. Sometimes you might face an unrepairable tire, and you will have to get your tire replaced. Most people believe that you always have to replace all four wheels if one needs replacing. Depending on the rest of your tires, tire brand, and the type of vehicle you own, you may be able just to replace the one. 


Your recommended tire pressure is listed on the driver's side door.  If you are unsure what pressure your tires need to be at, just look at the sticker on your driver's side door. It's the easiest way! Alternatively, you can also refer to the owner's manual or google (but these might take more time).


At Bock Automotive, we can provide you with all your tire maintenance needs. If you require maintenance or repairs on your vehicle, do not hesitate to give us a call or visit our shop today! 

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