10 Car Maintenance Items to Take Care of This Fall

If you’ve been a long-time car owner, you probably know the importance of seasonal maintenance. As seasons come and go, it is important to make adjustments and prioritize auto care as it can go a long way toward extending your vehicle’s lifespan. Plus, it can enhance the safety and performance of your car. 


As the temperatures cool off here in Pequannock, NJ, it is important to consider our cars. Most cars have to work harder in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. To avoid straining your vehicle, please consider checking off these 10 components:

  • CAR FLUIDS. Your vehicle contains many liquids, including engine oil, power steering, brake, antifreeze/coolant, and transmission fluid. They should be clean and topped off to ensure optimal performance. Have a mechanic check for leaks if necessary.
  • BELTS AND HOSES. These components, timing belt and serpentine belt, should be inspected for signs of wear and tear. If they are frayed, cracked, or damaged in any major way, you should consider replacing them before the harsh winter. 
  • BRAKES. Have a professional mechanic check all aspects of the braking system to ensure your car can stop and slow down in time. 
  • BATTERY. Have your battery tested to see if it can hold a proper charge. Many drivers experience car-starting problems as temperatures drop.
  • EXHAUST SYSTEM. Monitor the exhaust system to make sure it is free of leaks. Certain leaks can be very dangerous and affect your health.
  • ENGINE. Please make sure your motor can burn a healthy balance of fuel and air to achieve sufficient power while maintaining efficiency. A tune-up may be necessary to adjust the fuel and air ratio.
  • HEATER AND DEFROSTER. To make sure everyone is safe and comfortable in the cabin, test your car heater. In addition, run your defrosters to ensure they can clear up your windscreen.
  • STEERING AND SUSPENSION. Take your vehicle for a test run to see if there are any unusual signs in the handling of your vehicle. 
  • TIRES. Do the penny test to see if your tires have enough tread depth to grip the road properly. You may need to replace your tires if they are below 2/32 of an inch. Furthermore, continually check and adjust your tires’ pressure. Colder weather tends to cause the air in your tires to deflate.
  • WINDSHIELD WIPERS. If it has been a while since you have replaced your wiper blades, it is best to change them out now. They will help you tackle rain or snow without any issues.

If you need a thorough fall car inspection and maintenance, please call or visit the vehicle experts at Bock Automotive soon.

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